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I am getting Uncaught ReferenceError: propTypes is not defined.
I also tried using ReactDOM.render didn’t work, as I also got render error.

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const Items = (props) => {
return <h1>Current Quantity of: {props.quantity}</h1>

// Change code below this line
Items.propTypes = { quantity: propTypes.number.isRequired };
// Change code above this line

Items.defaultProps = {
quantity: 0

class ShoppingCart extends React.Component {
constructor(props) {
render() {
  return <Items />

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Challenge: Use PropTypes to Define the Props You Expect

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Hi @kaflenitish !

Look very carefully here to the issue

Pay close attention to the casing in PropTypes

Once you fix that then the test will pass

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OMG. thank you so much.

 Items.propTypes = { quantity: PropTypes.number.isRequired }

so the casing on the assignment and PropTypes were different.

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I found that hard to remember at first. But if you think about where the identifier proptypes is used it makes sense.

When it is a property it is camelcase so Component.propType and when it’s the type object (whatever that’s called) it is uppercase, e.g. PropTypes.func

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Thank you so much. This was really helpful.

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