Stuck on which weather API to use

I am also stuck with the weather api. I liked the idea of breaking it down in various parts. So, I am having problem at present in connecting to the weather API. I would like to know which weather API did you use.
thanks for the help

I moved your question to a new topic, so you will get better answers and your question did not add any additional help the the OP’s question.

Why not use the weather API mentioned in the project challenge?

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It doesn’t seem to be working.

Without seeing what code you are trying to use with the API, it would be impossible to diagnose your issue.

I chose to use, but a web search for “weather api” shows that there are many, many options available. Almost all of them have a limited free tier that would be suitable for the FCC challenge.

Security of the API key is an issue, though. So, instead of putting my API key into the code I require the user of the app to provide one and I store that in a cookie. It’s definitely not user-friendly, but the target audience is other FCC alumni and we all need to know how to obtain our own API keys anyway :slight_smile:

A web search for “weather API” yields many, many results and most of them seem to have a limited free option.

I found the JSON responses from fcc-weather-api to be inconsistent. Sometimes the icon value is a full URL and other times it’s just an undocumented code. I read somewhere that fcc-weather-api is from OpenWeathermap, but I don’t see how that could be. I got different responses from OpenWeatherMap with the same request. I’m not sure if there are other inconsistencies, but I really wanted a working icon, so that was a deal-breaker.

Thanks. I was able to use the same and complete the challenge.

You should use a free keyless API for the project if the freecodecamp one is not working. I settled for the yahoo API. Here’s a list of APIs -

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