Stuck, reset not working

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after reset this answer is not being processed, and i cannot understand the other answers on this thread…

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var myNoun = "dog";
var myAdjective = "big";
var myVerb = "ran";
var myAdverb = "quickly";

// Only change code below this line
var wordBlanks = "My " + big + " " dog + " " + ran " quickly + ".";        

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**Challenge:**  Word Blanks

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Wrong expression. You’re not using variables.

var name = "John";

var reply = "Hello, " + name + ". Nice to meet you.";

will produce

Hello, John. Nice to meet you.

The below is wrong. There’s no variable John

var reply = "Hello, " + John + ". Nice to meet you.";

Is that variable named (for example) big? Or is it named myAdjective?

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Thanks guys, really nice to get help… Prima…

thnks very much, Twotani and Snowmonkey. Very very vital points. Excellent answers to the thinking .!!! :smiley:

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