Stuck...Simple CSS Help Needed

Hi all,

I have been stuck on this for a long time and not sure how to fix.

Here is my Portfolio:

Don’t mind the content, these are all placeholders for now.

I am having trouble formatting my “Mr. Chicken 1, rescued on May 15, 2090” description. I want to situate it directly underneath the Chicken picture above.

Additionally, I want to insert a second picture & description underneath those, but right aligned.

The information I found online makes sense but for some reason does not help me with what I need, which is seemingly simple enough.

Can someone take a look at my scripts and let me know if there’s something fundamentally wrong?

Thank you,

You forgot to put a slash on the closing <ul> tag, like this:

<ul class="grid">
  <img src="" width="300" height="300" alt="Mr. Chicken 1">

And you also have <p1> as the opening tag, when it really should be just <p>:

**<p>**Mr. Chicken 1, rescued on May 15, 2090</p>

See if that does anything!


1.Please try this working snippet for your problem.

div class=“img-thumbnail”
img src=’//’ width=“300” height=“300” alt=“Mr. Chicken 1”
div class=“caption” Mr. Chicken 1, rescued on May 15, 2090 /div

<div class="caption">Mr. Chicken 1, rescued on May 15, 2090</div>

It is aligning the text exactly below the picture.
I have wrapped image into an “img-thumnail” class and used the “caption” class instead of p element.

To answer your second question, I would wrap the code into a “div class=“row”” , create another

tag and divide it using “col-md-6”

Hope this helps. Happy coding!