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I don’t have much background in math, but am trying to do this challenge with matrices. I think I have the general logic ok, but am not saving the third move counts into the counter matrix. But I ignore why. Could someone give me a pointer?

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Challenge: Rock Paper Scissors

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I am now winning against 3 bots all the time, but against varying bots. And with greatly varying percentages. I am missing something fundamental here. Please help me.

I increased the Markov chain from 2 to 3 and now my bot consistently beats all 4 bots. The three are almost always > 60% wins. One close to 100%, one with 80s, the other with 70s, Abbey mostly high 50s, and regularly above 60. I assume I would have to add a 4th move to the Markov chain, but then I would need some some matrix manipulation library, but for a manual exercise of nested arrays this was quite fun. Or is there a way to beat Abbey with an algorithm using only the last two moves?

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