STUCK! Survey Form

Hi All,

I’ve been stuck on this project for a few days. Among many, one of my issues is trying to get the radio and checklists in list order. When I add ul and li tags along with the style attribute of no line-style-type, the bullets still appear on the left-hand side of the text and the radio and checklist features show on the right-hand side of the text. So, I went ahead and deleted the ul and li tags, but now am left with inline radio and checklists instead. Also, the question label doesn’t even appear even though I put a br tag in between each component.

Please help! Here’s the link to my codepen:

try to use the <br> tag. It will break lines for you and help align the buttons.

Thanks! That worked, but the checklist and radio buttons appear on the right of the text and the label question still isn’t showing

Redo the Basic HTML and Basic CSS sections and it will be a giant help. There’s no shame in doing some of these exercises a few times or even going out and looking at some other resources and then coming back and redoing the sections. The material is very dense and even though you got through it, it may not have sunk in. From my own personal experience here, I redo a lot of the lessons as I am working through projects and reference back to them a whole lot.

Don’t use <br> tags. That’s a very 90’s way of laying out your HTML. Spacing should be defined in your CSS.
Close your <select> tags after the options.
Don’t nest things inside <label> tags.

That worked! Thanks
Also, CSS didn’t work for me when trying to get the text and checkbox/radio on the same line. Instead, I replaced the br tags with div tags. Is that still an old school method? Closing each individual checkbox/radio with div tags?