Stuck using String.match() for regex

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As far as I can tell, I have the regex pattern defined so that it looks at the beginning of the string for any match. However when a string such as algorithm is passed in, I get an error: TypeError: str.match(...) is null. Since null is falsey, I would have thought that the second return statement would have been returned but it’s not. How can I fix this so that any words that start with a vowel return {str} + “way”?

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function translatePigLatin(str) {
var match = str.match(/^[^aeiou]+/i)[0];
if (match) {
  return str.slice(match.length) + str.slice(0, match.length) + "ay";
return str + "way";


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The regex you have is looking for a string at the beginning that contains no vowels. For “algorithm”, it looks and sees an immediate vowel so it says that it found nothing. If you had the string “strong”, it would match for “str”.

I would recommend playing around with something like, to test out difference patterns.

Regex is weird and confusing, but it also amazingly powerful.