Stuck when starting from scratch


This is my first post ever and wanted to be brave enough to ask for feedback. I consider myself good at reading code and understanding the overall flow. I am pretty good at following tutorials and understanding the material, but when it comes time to try to write something on a blank text editor, I just feel lost and don’t know how to build something from scratch. My preferred language is C#, I want to build my confidence level in this area. Anybody else experience this? :confused:

I find planning what I want to work on helps a lot

As in writing down the plans in an epic with stories and tasks actually helps me put together in my mind the order of things to work on

This isn’t unique to programming by the way, I’m fairly sure writers and artists get blocked at a blank page/canvas too

We have the luxury of breaking large tasks into smaller more manageable chunks, so we should take advantage of that

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Thanks… I definitely agree with this.

to be honest, if you are anything like me its just a matter of visualizing the result or how to go about it.

most times i feel like understand the material but its hard for me to put it together into practice. thats because although FCC is challenge oriented it does unload an excesive ammount of info at you and you just dont know what to do with it. for that id say you take all the knowledge you learned and try more project based courses. you can find many online. even on youtube to get an idea of how to write your first coplete code.

Wow that is a great idea! I will absolutely approach it that way. Thanks a bunch!

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This is in fact a best practice. You must first understand the requirements before writing any code. Additionally, I suggest using TDD approach. When you write a test first it forces you to redefine and focus on the requirement - which is the whole reason in writing code.