Stuck with Counting Cards?


I’m stuck with the exercise and can’t progress. I can’t really understand the instructions so I can’t solve it properly. Can someone please explain it to me? I don’t wanna look for the solutions because I’d be cheating myself and that will take the thrill away in solving the problem. Please help me understand it better. Thank you!

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There is a global count value.
The function accept one card as parameter, and depending on the card the function should raise by one, lower by one or do nothing to the count value (there is a table in the challenge for which cards do what)
Then the function should return the current count value and "Bet" or "Hold" depending on the value of count

What are the different things you have tried? What results did they get? What do you think you understand? What do you think you need help with?

Can you link to the exercise and maybe copy your code here.