Stuck with Javascript

I find javascript really hard for me to understand and follow, I get easily frustrated every time I can’t solve a challenge although I really want to improve myself.
Perhaps I should move on to a different section in the syllabus and continue learning Javascript later?


Hi Chris, I think I have the same issue here :sweat_smile:
What works for me is that I skip the part that I don’t get and go learn the next one and then go back and try again. You can also try using other tutorials online from different authors. I wouldn’t recommend skiping the whole JS, I think it’s essential to know it.

What are you finding difficulty with?

Mostly recursion and loops.

If you don’t understand those then you can read about them in the mdn docs…it is a great place if you don’t understand anything
Just search for a topic in the mdn docs and you will get it.
You can learn about loops here

Hey there,

learning how to deal with frustration is a very important skill.

The more beginner you are, the more people can help you.
That’s why it’s helpful to ask questions.

If you currently don’t understand parts of some code,
try to write a comment above every line of code explaining why this line exists.

If you can’t explain it, read up on it or use a tool like this visualizer.
Paste in your code and try to understand it.