Stuck with Probabitlity calculator project

Hi there,
I’ve been trying to complete this Probablility Calculator project, and got so far, but now I have an issue and I can’t even see what is causing it. Sorry for the weird variable names and all the others, I’m a beginner :smile:
Problem being described below code

def experiment(hat, expected_balls, num_balls_drawn, num_experiments):
    _expected_balls = []
    for i in expected_balls.items():
        for key, value in {i}:

    complete = 0
    value_list = []

    for it in expected_balls.items():
        for key, value in {it}:

    num_experiments_count = copy.deepcopy(num_experiments)
    while num_experiments_count > 0:
    # for a in range(num_experiments):
        expected_one = 0
        expected_two = 0
        drawn_balls_nested_list = hat.draw(num_balls_drawn)

        for i in drawn_balls_nested_list:
            if i == _expected_balls[0]:
                expected_one += 1
            if i == _expected_balls[1]:
                expected_two += 1
        if expected_one >= value_list[0] and expected_two >= value_list[1]:
            complete += 1
        num_experiments_count -= 1
    # pr means probability
    pr = complete / num_experiments
    return pr

I have problems with the complete variable. It should increase every time when the code completes the if statement, but it only increases 1 or 2 times and can’t go any further, though the while loop repeats exactly 2000 times. It is impossible that from 2000 tries it can only fit the condition 0 or 1 times (2 very rarely). Maybe an indentation issue or what? Tried everithing but found no solutions so far :confused:

Can you see any problems with the code? Let me know, because anything could help.

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Challenge: Probability Calculator

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