Stucked at css . Totally confused :(

I’m learning CSS since last one month . I am understanding everything , but I fear if I am doing right thing, I just learn code . I don’t apply it outside of FCC . What should I do ? I am losing confidence :frowning: What to do after completing few tasks to get some confidence over them?

My best advice is to apply what you’ve learned constantly. This means building personal projects on your own machine, outside of the FCC curriculum. Just learned about transform animations? Margin and padding? CSS grid? Open your editor and create something of your own using these concepts. After you’re done with that project, make another one, and another one.

I try to build something from scratch each time I finish a section, and I also supplement FCC with other courses from Udemy, as well as books. It’s all about mind-numbing repetition and applying what you’ve learned over and over and over again. If you do this, I promise you the information will stick. Good luck and don’t give up!

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Thank you very much . I’ll start applying it on editor from today :slight_smile:

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You can also try copying existing websites (for personal use of course). If you have trouble copying any of the style you can see the actual css in the dev tools of the browser.

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I tried to copy BBC website , but I failed :frowning: Is it possible to see the actual code of the website ? Will it be helpful for my coding career ?

Right click anywhere in the browser and inspect code.

Here is a link to do it in Chrome browser.

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Oh! Got it! Thank you very much . It’s very helpful :slight_smile:

Another way to see the code is is view source then in most sites you can click the blue .css link and the stylesheet opens in a new tab. Sometimes it’s useful to see the entire file instead of seeing it in small chunks like dev tools. I do both.
In the past Firefox used to color html errors in red in view source. Haven’t used it recently though.

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‘.css’ link ? Is it possible to see whole css codes ? How? Please elaborate

Here is a screenshot of view text. See the link at the bottom? If you do it yourself, click on the bright blue style.css.

Lot’s of small sites don’t compress the file so it’s easy to read, like the student projects. Big sites like FCC compress it so it’s hard to read. You can use a browser extension to make it readable. sometimes they don’t use the “.css” extension. FCC doesn’t but it says rel="stylesheet".

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