Stucking at the biggining withTechnical Documantation Project

Hey everyone!

I would like to do the Technical Documantation Project. I have no problem with HTML codes, and this Project need very basic CSS though… but im still stucked. :disappointed_relieved:
I have no idea what about to write. I mean the example is about JS, that i dont know enough to write about it, but i would like to write the project by my own head, not to copy it from the example project, from W3School or any other site.
Could you guys give me some idea?
Have you already made this porject ?
How did you started?
How did you get inspirated?
Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Do you mean you don’t know what to write about?
Do you have any topics you are interested in? You can look those topics up online and copy from there.
Some people do not even use technical topics specifically (you can use a car manual if you are into cars or whatever, it really doesn’t matter at all)

As for writing code, just review one of the projects you have done already. Start by creating an html file. Later on you can add the css.

I mean that i can write HTML and CSS, i dont have problem with that… I dont know what about to write WITHOUT copy, because i could copy anything…
i would like to be original.

Write about HTML and CSS

You said you feel comfortable with that so you can write about that.

I built mine a while back (2+ years ago) on the C programming language.
My advice would be to pick something you feel comfortable with and don’t stress to much on the content.
Remember, the goal of these projects is to practice your HTML and CSS skills.

Come up with basic original content.
Write up some HTML and CSS.
Post your project in the forum for feedback.
Then move onto the next project.

Hope that helps!

Thank you… maybe the only problem i have with this project that i think about it like something too difficult… I should think easy! :sweat_smile: :joy:

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