Stucking on “Starting Virtual Server”

the title says everything, doing the celestial bodies project, I got one of the many classic errors, but this time I am just stuck, I have done everything (deleting cookies, disabling extensions, etc.) but nothing so far, I asked on discord bc I am pretty sure it should be something related with codeally but the response I got was to come here and I came here and found no answer reading in the forum.

PS: Stuck there for more than 30 min, tried more than once.

Can you start the project directly from CodeAlly | Playground?

Sorry for the trouble you are going through. If you are stuck on the last step as shown below, then just wait a bit. We have raised the issue with the concerned teams.


If the issue was what @zaira_h pointed out, it should be resolved and working again @LuckyLolo123. Let us know if you are still having problems.

everything is working as expected, thanks!

Same thing happening again.

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