Stucking on “Starting Virtual Server”

the title says everything, doing the celestial bodies project, I got one of the many classic errors, but this time I am just stuck, I have done everything (deleting cookies, disabling extensions, etc.) but nothing so far, I asked on discord bc I am pretty sure it should be something related with codeally but the response I got was to come here and I came here and found no answer reading in the forum.

PS: Stuck there for more than 30 min, tried more than once.

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Can you start the project directly from CodeAlly | Playground?

Sorry for the trouble you are going through. If you are stuck on the last step as shown below, then just wait a bit. We have raised the issue with the concerned teams.


If the issue was what @zaira_h pointed out, it should be resolved and working again @LuckyLolo123. Let us know if you are still having problems.

everything is working as expected, thanks!

Same thing happening again.

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any solution? i also have the same problem

try emailing to see if they have an outage

Hi everyone! It’s Adam from CodeAlly. We are investigating the issue. We had some reports in the morning but everything seemed to be fixed once we started checking.
Only some users are affected. We will let you know as soon as we find the root of the problem.
Thanks for reporting!

Everyone should be able to access their projects without issues now. Turns out, we had record usage today, and we had a type safety issue in the API that would only occur once many people open projects almost at once during high traffic.

I came up with a very very bad pun, and I hope you will forgive me.
NaN is not a number, but a problem.

Please let me know if you still experience issues!


I still stuck on “Starting virtual server”, when I want to start the course of “” Learn Bash by Building a Boilerplate". I have already waited 5 hours.

do you use a VPN? (You may need to check the security settings on it)

Only I try to visit gmail, I use VPN. The waiting-status have been existed long time before I use VPN.

if you have tried all the troubleshooting steps in the pinned post, then I suggest emailing to see if they have an explanation on their end.

I’ve tried everything but it still doesn’t work…