Students Database part 1: Project doesn't open

Hi, Folks! I’m doing the ‘Learn SQL by Building a Student Database: Part 1’ and my project is not opening for me.

It starts the VM and vscode opens, but I stuck on this screen:

I’m not so sure if the Container is loaded at this point. I’ve tried the troubleshooting of: ‘view > command palette > type CodeRoad’ and noting appears. Also, I tried to access the option given in Recent: /home/codeally but when I click on it it just reloads the same screen.

This is happening only on this course specifically, the others load fine. It’s strange, because it was working just a few hours ago.

There are some issues with CodeAlly, if you are patient there will be a new version of these projects that should be much more easy to set up and less buggy, the dev team is working hard on that

No worries! I don’t want to come out as ungrateful, since all this is free, but yeah, CodeAlly can be extremely unreliable! Thanks for your answer and thanks to the dev team who allow this content to be available to us.

Just a question. If I eventually complete this certification, when the new version comes out it will invalidate my certificate?

No, it will not, if you complete the final projects, the completion will still be marked in your account, it will not change what you have to work on, it’s the environment that is being changed