Study Group anyone?

Heyo, I was looking for a study group because ever since I’ve started I get bored or hungup at things (which are probably very simple but I’m new so I am struggling lol). I have tried to join Discord servers and search on Reddit for similar things, but it has not been very fruitful as of yet. So I was wondering if anyone wants to study together and pace ourselves, like an accountability partner I guess (?).

Currently I’m doing the responsive web design course and looking to study web development. If anyone is a beginner/learning/Interested for whatever reason and wants to participate let me know.

I think we can study through discord groups.

i would love to have a studybuddy
currently doing javascript (beta) course, but i’m a beginner too
i did complete the responsive web design course but still looking for more personal projects to strethen my basic understanding.

Heyo, yea dude, what’s your discord? sorry for the late reply. :smiley:

Hi! I’m interested, it will be a good practice, let’s try :slightly_smiling_face:

here is my user name on discord : radon11_82146