Study group error [fixed]

On the “join a fcc study group” page, when clicking the button to open the list of study groups on it just jumps me back to the previous page in a new tab, rather than opening up a list of groups. If I try again, it still does the same thing, but displays this message as well: We couldn’t find a page for /study-group-directory/

Edit: I’m using an iPad on iOS 11 if it is relevant.

same problem here, (Cambrideg, M.A)

Tried 20 times.

It looks like there is already a GitHub Issue for this. If your experience was different than what is described in the Issue, please add a comment for it.

Thank you, I have added a comment explaining how I came across the broken link to the GitHub issue.

This has now been fixed. :slightly_smiling_face:

Why am i supposed to join study group once i finish a step? Also how many groups will i have in the end of finishing all basic steps? Is this a bug or a joke? I am not willing to spam myself around countless groups without participating in them.

So in the end freecodecamp is not for free, it is donation based with a choice, but not allowed to learn a single thing without donating :frowning: minimum is 3$ monthly I will think if a i want to go further. It is cheaper than treehouse or lynda afterall…

Dude. Chill.
To unlock the next step, all you have to do is open the link. You don’t have to join anything. If you don’t even want to open the links, you can just use to jump to the first HTML challenge. You don’t have to donate anything either. FCC is a nonprofit, so we ask people to donate if they are willing and able, but 100% of our content is available for free.

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