Study Groups through thanks

I see that I have reached a crossroads here…to continue it’s says I have to log into facebook to join a group to continue…
not interested in giving my facebook page out to people I don’t know…so how can I either skip this part or is this the end?

You can just skip it. Just click “Open link in a new tab (this unlocks the next step)”.

You can always select any challenge you want from the map.

You don’t have to do anything of the sort. If you’re going through the “Getting Started” stuff, the button says “Open link in new tab (unlocks the next step)”. So you click it. It opens a new tab. The “Finish challenge” button is unlocked. You move on with life. Whether you do anything in the tab that opened or just close it has no effect on anything.

Tyvm for the info…cheers!