Study materials

If I’m trying to land a job in the tech. field and overall just be great at programming and coding what books do you guys recommend?

Check out this guide by P1xt, there are a lot of helpful resources in it:

P1xt put together some guides a few months back. You could do a lot worse than picking one and going for it.

The most rigorous and thorough is Computer Science with Web Development..

If you don’t want to go quite that far, but still want to end up highly employable, you could go for Web Development with Foundations of Computer Science.

There’s also the Video Game development path.

If you just want to get employable at a junior level as quickly as possible, you could go for Get Job Ready.

Finally, if Data Science is your thing, there’s an Open Source Society curriculum for that.

Oh, maybe you like bio? OSS also has a curriculum for bioinformatics.