Study Resources I can read or listen to during my free time

I have three months of uninterrupted study time, could everyone please help me line up the best possible additional study resources so I can ensure I make the best use of that time. I am looking some books, podcasts, or maybe videos to help me learn when I am not coding projects.

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I can highly recommend the books Eloquent JavaScript and the You Don’t Know JavaScript series.

Also, I love listening to podcasts and have definitely learned a lot from doing so. In that regard, these are my favorite as related to JS and React, in no particular order:

JavaScript Jabber
JavaScript Air
React 30
React Podcast
React Native Podcast

I’ve also found these great to listen to:

Eat Sleep Code
Code Newbie
Talk Python to Me
The Changelog
Software Engineering Daily

There’s a lot of great content out there, and on YouTube! Just start digging into it and see what you like. Some of those podcasts are not still active, for instance the React Podcast, but I found the content still awesome to hear.

Good luck!


I’d add to @bonham000’s list of podcasts:

  1. Shop Talk Show
  2. Codepen Radio
  3. Soft Skills Engineering

These three are pretty non-technical but they give a nice rounded view of 1) front-end development methods / trends, 2) what it’s like to run a start-up, and 3) what other skills are essential to working on software teams aside from the non-technical skills.

And just for fun, watch Mr Robot and Silicon Valley in your down-time :slight_smile:

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don’t you think that you should choose between open source society and khan academy?
what specific things you would study on khan academy?

I’m currently reviewing algebra foundations on Khan Academy, since it’s been about 16 years since I last did any maths…so, yeah, calculus is a little way off for those of us that majored in poetry :wink:


Why would you bother learning math when computers are so good at it? :upside_down:


You must create algorithms needed to solve the problem so that the computer will know what to do with different types of data.

looks like you are verg good at planning your day
what if I just have 4 or 3 hours everyday how would you use these hours ?

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thanks :smile:
I agree it’s better to work on the projects when you know javascript well
and thanks for these links you written I am working on the net ninja bootstrap playlist and it’s awesome

Nice and awwsome tips, Though one thing i havn’t yet understood practically yet where do we really use maths and how does maths help us get jobs. Instead i would focus more on datastructure’s and algorithm’s since they seem to be most required everywhere ??? Sorry, I am a noob so please enlighten me :slight_smile: thanks in advance

Great thread for new coders as well as intermediate ones. I just got into podcasts two weeks ago, and look forward to listening to the ones listed by @bonham000, Thanks! :slight_smile:

As an English Major (Romantic Poetry, anyone? Wordsworth and the transcendant? Ok, just me…) I wish math was less important, but unfortunately I do feel the gaps in my knowledge when I attempt to solve algorithms.

I have attempted to start an Algorithms and Data structures course online and saw within the first three minutes that I didn’t even have the vocabulary to participate in the course, much less the actual understanding underpinning even the most basic concepts.

Sure, you can crank out an algorithm to solve a problem without a firm grasp of math, but to some algorithms do require math or they result in algorithms that spin out of control with large inputs.

I’ve gone back to Khan Academy to revise all the math I’ve forgotten so I can eventually pick up the math that is more useful - it does feel like a slow slog, but ultimately I want to know I am solving problems the best way I can - and I can’t really know that for certain without math.

I will give it a try though i completed my engineering recently i still feel i am weak in math’s may be that will improve me more. Thanks :slight_smile:

This is a nice list of resources,but I have a question about the github list of Open Source Society curriculum list.

I’ve counted the total number of weeks it would take to do all courses in that list and it’s over 300, which is 6 years… For the material that all of them cover I don’t think it’s worth spending that much time to complete all of them. And it’s not worth doing at 6x or 3x the speed to complete it in 1-2 years for me,because I think I won’t learn it well enough at that tempo… It’s still a good list of good courses,but I don’t know how to approach it. I think juggling all those 4 lists everyday isn’t really efficient. How should I approach those?

So, has OP dropped out of his university?

You should seriously think about writing a blog… if you aren’t already. As someone who has been learning Front End Web Development for 9-months now… those resources you listed could have saved me hours upon hours of Google Searches and frustration. Thank you for really giving this question your full attention, and helping not just the o.p. but all who read! If you do have a blog/site, please post a link :slight_smile:

I also have one question, that may be covered in the material you listed (but unkown to me)… where in the heck can I learn about the DOM? I feel like I have Javascript down… like I really get it, and I’m starting to get good… But when it comes to implementing the JS I’ve learned… I haven’t got a clue… I feel like writing JS for an actual webpage isn’t covered nearly enough by FCC or most other JS tutorials. Everything seems different with JS when done for a webpage. Thanks in advance for your super helpfullness!!!

He he. Shame Monthy Python was not popular in my generation and upbringing. I am trying to catch up on youtube though (and some people think i am strange lol).
I also wonder if the BBC mini series adaptation of the HGG would be a suitable substitution or supplementation for the accomplishment of the above recommendation xd:

I also would like to express my gratitude and let you know that your advice is being very helpful to me too!

Today, happens to be my first day of reverting to part time work and having more free time which i would like to use towards learning to code/program (to a level that can get me a job) and not only. And broadly my “existential problems” are (many!):
a/ that i am a complete beginner … which i am trying to tolerate with a “growth” oriented mindset :stuck_out_tongue:
b /up until reading your post was a bit more lost in the myriad of available resources for learning to "code"
c/ not very experienced in systematic self-learning/autodidaction despite being a big “theoretical” fan of the idea, hence your blueprint for a schedule and the resources provided are being higly appreciated.
d/ I get very enthusiasted about learning a lot of things, and my learning pattern is quite messy. (Not sure if this is good or bad though)
e/ I want to learn a lot of things! LIke better at maths, algorithms, graphs, desing, 3d, there are so many front and back end languages, databases, and stuff i don’t even know what it means, and I guess my dream is one day to be good at data science/manipulation and be smart enough to understand AI sciences and engineering… ehh what could be more exciting than a life dedicated to never ending learning? :stuck_out_tongue: Hence, long may we live!!
f/ yet I need to learn and start getting money asap but I also want to still be able to have free time and time for learning and doing fun stuff - curiosity-based that is…
g/ i fear i am not good at structuring my time well and this may cost me wasted time :(((((

On the other side, I was going to enroll on Mooc specializations like full stack, or any all-round programming specialization for beginners, for the perks of the eventual certificates in the end. But now after seeing your recommendations, and especially the OSS resources (which are wow!) I am no longer sure how and whether I should at this stage.

I too highly regard Khan academy, used it ever since a friend recommended it to me, on a recreational/fun based level - it’s almost like a game :slight_smile: I’ve played around with codecademy before too but I think FCC is somehow better - but hey I am a newbie here so not sure if any of my opinions are true :slight_smile: will see i suppose :slight_smile:

Soo, this is where i am right now, sorry for the rant I just need to take it out and say it out loud :slight_smile:

Any advice, thoughts, comments would be very valuable to me and I will be on the look out for reading more of your posts around here.

Thanks, once more x

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Not yet but I am still thinking about it if I will enroll for the next term or not.