Studying PAYS off B-I-G T-I-M-E!

First of all, let me express my happiness!

I remember back on January that I was here, doing all of the curriculum,
I struggled through it, I got worried that I was over-analytical, getting impostor syndrome or whatever struggle I was facing.

Since then, I was doing online courses, learning gatsby, experimenting and doing my own stuff.

However, I was worried because I rushed up the curriculum, I thought I forgot everything I did, and last week, I pressed on the Magic Button “Reset Curriculum”.

Yes, I reset everything I did, including portfolio (I re-did everything from scratch)
Now I have just have completed the JavaScript Basic and I can say that I’m happy.

I’m happy because I remember (and my posts here are also a good reminder) that there were parts that I couldn’t understand or I was over-analytical and I was creating complex solutions.

Now, I have found myself that I write shorter code, more efficient, clear to understand, becoming lazier but smarter.

I am also an Industrial Engineer Undergraduate. Sadly I have found that Industry Engineering is not something that I like, but I have already done many courses and I’m very close to getting a degree. The sad truth about my degree is that I’m studying just enough to participate in exams, get enough marks just to pass the courses and be done with them and I don’t care if I remember anything from them.

But with Web Development, it’s something I’m doing by choice, I truly care if I understand something, write efficient code and writing code that it’s easy to read and I want to be good at this profession.

In short what I want to say is this:
Even if you are struggling now, study it, do homework and repeat it.
You will find challenges that were tough to be beat, will be much more easier now, because you have already beaten them once.

Thanks for reading.


I completely agree with you. Knowledge is not sth that you acquire as you complete a couse, but a system that you must build and rebuild by creating meaningful projects and experiences.

As an English major, I once took a Generative Grammar course (which is a very scientific approach to linguistics). I read through all the book and I couldn’t even do the exercises of the 1st unit.
Then, I re-read the book, focused more on the problems and saw the topic from different perspectives (e.g. watching a lot of youtube videos on the topic) and everything suddenly made sense.

However, I don’t think the 1st reading was worthless. Instead, it lays the invisible basis for the great things that are still to come.

And I think that your first dive into programming might have served a very similar purpose. Now the second try is going to be as challenging as the first, even more fun. Can’t wait to see your projects!

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