Stupid question about "build a personnal portfolio page"

Hello everyone !
So, I’m a fresh coder student on FCC, and recently finished the “Build a tribute page” Project.

I was really excited then, happy of what I did and ready to learn more, but was really confused by the next challenge.

Building a portfolio. I don’t really know why but this task discouraged me as hell, why would I ever have to build a portfolio after a week worth of coding ?

The only thing i’d have to put in this portfolio would be my stupid codepen-tribute page about shakespear I was so excited about a few days ago, a page that any 14years old having learned the basics of HTML could have build.

So, my question would be, Do I really have to start displaying my non-existing experience in coding right now ? Also, Is that a good Idea to put a portfolio on codepen ? Isn’t that disreguarded by the employer as some kind of beginner-site ?

Well, thanks a lot for your time, I hope I didn’t look to whiny. See ya

The idea is to build a sample portfolio that you keep adding to.

At first it will just be full of stock images and lorem ipsum text, but as you complete all the other projects you can add the real things as you go.

The reason you do the portfolio for project 2 is that it’s actually easier to build a portfolio than it is to build anything worth putting in your portfolio! It’s a good stepping stone that helps you build on your knowledge of responsive web design without giving you a task that is too hard.

You could skip straight to project three…but the learning curve is much steeper!