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Hi, I am trying to change the background-color of the main element but it’s not changing it just remains white. my main element has an ID of main

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background-color: blue;

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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Hi radzi,

This isn’t enough information for us to help. do you have a link to all of the code eg on codepen

here is the link:

If you use , as it’s a tag, you don’t need to use the # to change the style.
. is for classes and # is to the element’s id.

Analizing your code is bad structured.
You should have a head element first and then a body with all your view inside.
Your code doesn’t work because you needn’t use tags in the css box or document.

oh okay, Thanks a lot

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Before the main element background color will change, you to input style tags above the <div id="main> : body{ background - color: green;
Color: white ;

Try this.

If that works mark the post as solved :wink:

Have a nice day.

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