Sub-arrays learning

could you pls explain in easy way what is sub-arrays?

because when i searched it , it was pretty hard at there!

subarray() is an inbuilt function in JavaScript which is used to return a part of the typedArray object. Syntax: typedarray. subarray(begin, end) Parameters: It accepts two parameters which are described below: begin: It specifies the index of the starting element from which the part of the given array to be started

Do you have any problem?

yes i was but it has been solved now.
but i have another problem on anything else!

tell me
Let me check.

function reusableFunction() {
reusableFunction.log(" Hi World ");

i dont know whats IS the problem with it. :sob:

Do you want console log?

function reunsableFunction() {
console.log("Hi World ");

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