Submit button test fail

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Can someone tell me what i’m doin wrong pls?
The submit button is not passing the tests for some reason.
This is the code i wrote:
‘<‘input type=“submit” value=“Submit”></submit’>’ (ignore the single quotes)

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Challenge: Add a Submit Button to a Form

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Hard for us to help you when you dont put any of the code you have. There is a series of test your code needs to pass that will be shown in the bottom left of your screen, so ask a question about a specific condition (or conditions) that you are failing and include the code you have written or a screenshot of it please :slight_smile:

I tried over and over but the code wasn’t getting through for some reason, this is what i entered : ‘<‘input type=“submit” value=“Submit”></submit’>’ (ignore the single quotes)

You have made another input, not a button. Reference the top left example for how to write a button :slight_smile:

Oh i just noticed, my bad, thanks :slight_smile:

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