Submit forms: Where does the data go and what happens next?

I might be getting ahead or might be just dead stupid but I can’t get it. I do understand of how to create a form, submits etc but I just can’t understand where the submits go! How can you interact with them?

I want to build a rather primitive game on web where you can pick one of three options, and your choice is processed and gives you reply. Where to begin digging? Lost my track here a little bit.


This part is just introducing html of building the form. Actually handling form data is something that you’ll use JavaScript for.


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As mentioned earlier, this goes beyond html and includes using a programming language.

If you are still curious, you can start to read about it in the MDN docs.

Thank you! Funny enough, I was actually going through that document some time before your reply, so with all the replies, I see now that there is a long way ahead. Thanks again, gotta keep studying!

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