Submit. Test result not working

Hi i been using your site for a couple months now around javascript where i learn incrementing and decrementing the test result button isnt working. Not even giving me im wrong just flat out not working. I would love to get my certificate but im in panic mode right now. I already tried multiple devices and i even did hard refresh. Please help!!

Sometimes if your code contains just the right kind of error, it can cause the tests to crash.

That doesnt help me on what i need right now. Can you guys get the test result button to work because i want to get certified

There is nothing wrong with the test button. The most likely answer is that your code is causing a crash. If you want help with your code you can share it.

Ok. Hold on i gotta get on my other device

Ok so for javascript lesson incriment with a number i am using is var myVar++; // assigned 88. Because to me myVar=87 . im assuming that is incorrect

Please include the full code. You can format it to make it readable by using the </> button in the forum editor.