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I started working on my Responsive Web Design Projects. However, I cant finish 5 projects in one day. Using my signed in account, I will submit lets say a tribute page, FFC will ok it and I move on to the next project. Surprisingly, when I come back to that project page to submit another project, I realize the the radio button to the previous project I submitted is unchecked. Does this mean I have to submit repeatedly what I have already submitted in the past?

@Coded_Prof Can you post a screenshot?

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This is the screen shot of the issue. I had submitted the tribute page, so coming back to submit the survey form, I expected the tribute page radio button to be checked but it isnt. Am I to submit it again?

Hello Coded_Prof.

Would you mind doing the following to help debug:

  1. Disable all browser extensions with access to
  2. Going to the Tribute Page challenge
  3. Opening your devtools (Ctrl + Shift + I), and navigate to the console tab
  4. Click I’ve completed this project, and Submit Solution (All the while, being sure to watch for errors in the console)

Let us see if we can find this bug.

Thank you, but I dont think I understand numbers 3 and 4

  1. On the challenge page, open the browser devtools, using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + I. Navigate to the console tab. It should look like this:

  2. Add your project URL to the solution input field. Click the _I’ve completed this challenge button:

Now, report back if any errors in the console appeared during any of these operations?