Submitting a challenge yields successful result despite the file is wrong

I’ve been working on Responsive Web Design Projects. And I wanted to check whether my Tribute Page passes all the required tests. So I submitted a link to codepen, and then a “Tribute Page” challenged become marked as completed.
After, I tried to edit my code, so that it would fail several of required tests. But again, it somehow was ‘successful’.
Finally, I tried to upload the very same link (Tribute Page) as a solution to another challenge (Survey Form). And now, my Survey Form challenge is somehow ‘completed’.
So, my questions are:

  1. How can I possibly check if my Tribute Page really passes all the tests?
  2. Is it actually OK, that one could upload a random document as a solution to every challenge, and as a result get a certificate?

This is self-driven education. You’re on the honor system because someone who cheats or cuts corners is only hurting themself. FCC will accept any url.