Submitting random quote machine project

I’ve completed the random quote machine project locally with Create React App/React. I added the CDN link for the freeCodeCamp tests (all passed).
I’d like to add the project to my own website but I don’t want the freeCodeCamp test suite to be displayed in the corner. I’m wondering if I can just remove its CDN link and all the IDs used to pass tests in my final linked project? Or is there an alternative idea? I don’t think I can possibly add something with multiple React components to CodePen.

Once you’ve passed all the tests, you can remove the test link.

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Thanks! I entered the link and it was accepted. If I now remove the IDs added for the tests from the published linked project, it will still count as submitted right?

If you are planning on using the project for something non-FCC related (i.e using it on your portfolio), why not just leave the FCC version as it is and store it indefinitely somewhere and then create a new version without the ids you use everywhere else.

Good suggestion, but I built it to my personal GitHub Pages site and I can only build it to one site.
Maybe I’ll just remove the IDs and see if it makes me un-pass. I’m not sure if the FCC project validator checks the link when it’s submitted or check it after it was submitted if it checks the first time (or if at all).