Success message displayed on partial completion of module

Hey, I discovered that the congratulation message is displayed even when you haven’t completed a module. Note: I categorized each section of learning as module i.e. Regular Expressions as one module and Debugging as another.

When I leave a particular challenge or module and later come back to complete it on a browser refresh, the fCC platform increases the progress bar too much. If I submit and finish a new challenge after the first one that increased, the progress bar is decreased or reset.

Omitting some challenges and jumping to one I understand and solved increases the bar and deposits me in a new module with a congratulatory message.

Attaching some pics below to demonstrate.

this is intentional, if you complete the last challenge in a section you get the congratulation message.

I don’t understand this description of what’s going on

most important massage diplay on partial

Yes, I know it’s intentional but it catches cases of where my progress bar increases as a result of a glitch on page reload. So, when the progress bar glitches and increases to 100% when I haven’t completed the module, the congratulation message is displayed.

Not a major bug but just wanted to inform you so that a feature with similar functionality will not be introduced and it will evade tests and introduce business logic vulnerabilities.

can you show with a video or a gif? if you can, iy would be really useful if you can create a github issue

Thank you for helping make FCC better. Bugs can be reported as GitHub Issues. Whenever reporting a bug, please check first that there isn’t already an issue for it and provide as much detail as possible.

I’ve just started a new module and I will do a video if similar issues come up again and I can recreate them.


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