Sudoku Solver: All test passing except for the last two

Hi there, I have been working on the Sudoku Solver project for the last couple of days. All tests are passing except for the last two. I can’t figure out why the last two tests aren’t passing; all of my unit tests and functional tests are passing when I run them in Furthermore, whenever I submit my project link, inside of it prints out in the console “undefined” twice. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Challenge: Sudoku Solver

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I have figured out the error; the reason why the unit tests and the functional tests weren’t passing is because two of my units tests and one of my functional tests had no assertions.

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hello @egorushakov13 , can you give my code a look,
My unit tests don’t work.
here is my :

Hi, a are you sure it’s because assertions? I have them in my code, but still tests fails on fcc site.

Hi, have you solved your problem? I’ve problem with tests too.

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