Sudoku solver (maximum call stack size exceeded)

Hello all,
I’m at the last function of the sudoku solver project, I was handling the many mistakes I made one by one but now I’m stuck at one I can’t figure out.
If I press the ‘solve’ button I get the error message: ‘maximum call stack size exceeded’ and I don’t quite see how the solve that particular problem.
My project can be found here on repl:
Any advice would be more than welcome.

I guess the first question is: Do you know what “maximum call stack size exceeded” means?

So, every time you call a function, its information is pushed onto a space of memory called the call stack. You have exceeded the amount of memory allocated. This can happen if you have a function call inside an infinite loop or if you have a poorly formed recursive call. Of course, it can also happen if your data set is too large or if your solution is on the wrong side of the big-O spectrum.