Sugestion: Enable Commenting on Lessons

A comment feature inside the lessons would be awesome to source additional info/applications.

I’ve made a short Python course at SoloLearn and comments provided sometimes more valuable info than the lesson itself.

Comments not upvoted or downvoted could be periodically removed by default to keep things clean.

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love that feature, people can read the comments, see any others stuck or not, how to get through it, etc

As much as it may be interestingI don’t want to spend my time volunteering on the forum removing full passing solutions from the challenges

If someone wants to find the full passing solutions, they are all over the internet already. The objective of FreeCodeCamp is to teach coding, not awarding certificates. It doesn’t matters, really.

And as said, unvoted or downvoted comments could be periodically removed by the system.

If you ever saw this feature implemented somewhere else, you’ll know how powerful it is to broaden the subject and give valuable insight the the same code usage in other situations not foreseen by those that assembled the lesson.

The community eyes can always see farther then any pre-assembled team. Well, a goal–oriented and united community such we campers, that is it.

Not really… I see it on KA, and I spend so much time scrolling through blocks of code of people saying “this is how I did it” than reading interesting things

Well, that’s a system with no periodic recycling.

In the next couple of weeks, you are going to see something kind of like this implemented (without the upvoting/downvoting part). We will give more details soon, once the details are finalized.