Suggested pricing and guidelines for someone to place an article on my site?

Look this email I got was probably not a scam but it sounds almost too good to be true. And if it’s real and someone actually wants to pay me to have a blog of theirs hosted on my GithubPages Jekyll portfolio then it means 2 things.

  1. I have to work out how much to charge them and if they want the article converted to markdown by me or if they want to write it in Markdown themselves.
  2. Identify my guidelines. Where would I even start??

Basically, this is their question.

“Can you please let me know about pricing and guidelines for placing an article on your website? (domain omitted)”

My concern is I may:

  • Not ask questions.
  • I may quote them too little in order to get my foot in the door and they think I’m a joke and cease contact.
  • Or I may inadvertently quote them too much and they may think I’m been greedy and incur the same result. I don’t even know what to quote.

Do you have any advice, please? I don’t want to mess this opportunity up. They are offering me to have more of their blogs published on my portfolio if it goes well.

i think the word scam in your post should be your answer.
I suggest not responding to them. (remember anyone can post a blog for free these days)

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