Suggestion for improve

Hello, I want to get a job as front-end, so, do you have any suggestion on how to improve my website before I start to search for a new job?

Also, few more questions:

  1. Do you have any Vue projects ideas which I can build and put in my portfolio?
  2. How much JavaScript do I need to know?
  3. Between Vue and React, what would you choose?


Looks good.

The comment field in the contact sections feels a bit small…


Your website is excellent. Though the website seems to target end customers, rather than potential employer.

  1. I should choose React. I prefer to “pick” modules rather than get a full package. YMMV.

Wow, that website looks amazing. My projects are not event close to this quality and I have alredy went to couple interviews. I think you should just go for it and apply.

Thank you. True… I ll increase height of the comment section.

I would like to target both if possible… do you have any suggestion for that?

Thank you very much!

I just need one month to increase knowledge of js/vue and then I ll go for it.

@Exyth I really like your personal website and it looks clean.

I know that you’re striking for perfection before jumping out there
And applying
But one thing for sure is to just do it before you’re ready as that will reduce the time you think that you need it will take to be confident.

It’s your duty to apply and it is the recruiter’s duty to decide whether you’re fit or not.

I wasn’t confident of my Angular skills when I applied for the current job but had the adrenaline rush to complete a 36 hours Angular course during the 1 month notice period.

With all the hours invested in a course, confidence came and responsibilities to lead front-end projects at my current job have risen.

Though I was afraid to apply and do overthink by nature, Nike’s favorite quote: “Just Do It” should be followed.

There is a reason why Nike said it :slight_smile:

Looks amazing, I would think you can get a job easily. Only thing that could make it better for me would be to make the images under “My Favourite Projects” bigger, maybe get rid of the plant and pen holder and make the monitor bigger.

Btw did you design all those little cartoon graphics yourself? Do you know where I can get similar graphics?

Thank you. For graphic:

Thank you.

Yeah, that’s true. I ll never feel ready. Just should do it.

Ask the visitor :slight_smile: