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Hello Friends,
I am not from computer science background but I want to work in Java track. I know that Java is a Versatile World and it is difficult for me to become the master of all. My area of working interest is in
freelancing sites like Upwork. Among the following topic which particular section shall I choose according to the demand? I just can’t take the decision. Any sort of suggestion regarding this matter will be very helpful.

Semester - 1:

Programming in HTML 5 & CSS3

JavaScript, JQuery

Angular JS & Bootstrap

Database Development using Oracle 10g

Real life Project

Semester - 2:

Object oriented programming using JAVA, JDBC

Server side programming using Servlets, JSP

JSTL, Jasper Report & Hibernate

Android Apps Develop using JAVA

Thank you freecodecamp for having this awesome forum

Happy answering

Free Code Camp doesn’t teach Java. It teaches JavaScript and full stack web development.

If you’re interested in writing Java code via Upwork, then ditch the entirety of your “Semester 1”. It’s all JS/frontend related.

As far as how to target your studies to match demand, I suggest reading open job offers and studying up on the specific libraries/technologies mentioned.

Your study list looks very solid, but it covers a lot of ground. I’d say you are looking at a good two years work to get useful skills across the whole stack. Are you sure about learning Java? It’s one of the most popular backend languages and likely to remain so for a while, but it is not the easiest thing to get started with.

Regarding the front end track, AngularJS is a great library and is still the dominant predator amongst front end frameworks, but going forward, you might like to think about Angular 2+. It’s use of Typescript makes it more similar to Java.

Overall though, I’d worry you are taking on a bit too much. I’d recommend focusing on either the front or back end and getting really good at that.

You might want to seek out other forums too. FCC is all about React / Node. Don’t think there are many Java people!

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