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I have no idea where to send a request like this…but it would be really cool to add a feature called “Test Mode” where a user can go through a lesson module again without any of the instructional content. Each lesson is reduced to the requirements of the coding challenge. It would probably be fairly simple to implement and would provide a quick way to practice and reinforce the lessons.

Are you referring to the steps in the new RWD curriculum? Or the challenges in the JS curriculum?

Sounds more like memorization at that point. You would need new inputs to the challenge and maybe some variations on the problem.

As said, the instructions just tell you what to do. But the rest of the text is teaching the concept. I suppose the teaching part might be left out, but not the actual instructions.

I would suggest using one of the code “kata” sites, like codewars instead.

So what I mean is to take out the educational text. leave the instructions for what to do in the coding challenge - but remove the concept explanations.

Memorization is somewhat the point. Here is an example. in the OOP section of the Javascript datastructures module there is a section about extending constructors. There is a big block of text explaining how to do it, and then there is a small block of text that contains information for the coding challenge that says:

Create another Dog constructor. This time, set it up to take the parameters name and color , and have the property numLegs fixed at 4. Then create a new Dog saved in a variable terrier . Pass it two strings as arguments for the name and color properties.

With just the challenge instructions displayed, I can go through exercises quickly, test my knowledge of syntax, and practice creating constructors. really I’m just looking for ways to practice the lessons by coding them again without having to scroll through all the “how to” content.

Thanks everyone for responding! I should probably just look up related coding exercises online to practice concepts.

It may be helpful for both! The coding challenges have short bits of text asking you to apply skills you have learned for each of those courses.

The reason I asked is because I don’t think FCC is making major changes to the older, original curriculum, like the JS courses. So I don’t think this is an option for those. (But I could be wrong).

As for the newer courses that are split into steps, the steps seem to be designed to be very small and only do one thing at a time (for the most part). So the amount of instructions in each step is already so minimal as that it probably would not be worth the effort to remove any instructional content for a “test mode”.

I think you’re right. That makes sense.

Hello, I noticed a problem that I was having on github. In past report I found a possible bug in the typing problems I was having. I just now most likely figured out it was my settings. Thought I would let FCC know due to us new comers learning. I had my battery saver on which glitched the lesson for me. It effected my space and location of where I typed properly. Just thought maybe that could be on the setting menu advice like dark mode and ad blockers.

I think it would be better to create a separate post for this since it doesn’t currently relate to the current discussion here :+1:

This part comes up a lot from beginners on the forum.
I remember when I was first learning feeling the need to memorize all of the syntax.

But my advice would be to not focus on syntax as much as understanding the general concepts and then practicing by building tons of projects.
I built tons of small projects when I was first learning javascript which in turn led to me understanding the concepts better and remembering syntax over time.
The more that you build, the more things will sink in.

The early take home projects here would be good for practicing javascript

Also, the beginner projects on Frontend mentor are good for this type of practice too

Hope that helps!


Check out the FCC video on intro to programming. I just saw it. It will ease your mind On worrying about thinking you have to memorize every code possible. lol. I use to think the same, and was freaking out about JavaScript.

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