Suggestion on course structure

As I’m working my way through the course it’s striking me that things I thought I had understood in some of the lessons I have not. I think it would be a good idea to structure the course so that once you have done some work on, for instance, javascript objects, you then had to go and do some challenges around it. I love the algorithm challenges, but some of it harks back to stuff I did a month ago. It would be better to have to use straight away. Not sure if this is just me. Or if I’ve even explained it very well.


I think I know what you mean - big gap between passive/repetitive & more active/creative use of certain principles/code constructs?

Maybe the beta version is different?

Not sure how far you have gotten in the course, but there are many challenges where you will need to use objects to solve them.

Exactly birone. When is the beta out? Not seen anything for it.

The point of the projects is to help you cement your understanding of the lessons, and it will require deeper self study and reading documentation to successfully complete them.

Have you got up to the projects yet?