Suggestion to increase user activity at FCC

Maybe a way to encourage replies would be a point system rewarded to relevent replies in a thread.

For example:
you reply
someone comes and reads the reply (very important)
said someone decides that its a good reply and gives you a +1 or something like that.

This way we can get more user activity and not have such a HUGE difference between the reply count and view count.

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There’s already a Like count and an Answered/Solution mark. I think +1 will just be redundant.

Personally don’t want to see this forum turned into a stack overflow kind of atmosphere.


Not really the like and answer thing. Something more permanent. Like a point something that stays with the profile. I try to get project feed pack post that no one comments on but 50 people view. I just think there should be some kind of way to encourage this kind of stuff from not happening.

If you post "hey I started freecodecamp 12 months ago and now I got my first developer job and this is what I did and my experience, etc etc "… I guarantee you you’d get a lot of posts and likes and feedback.

As for reputation points accumulation, I don’t think that’s the goal of this forum. It’s to help other campers with their code, or get some encouragement posts, etc… not to build up their own reputation points.

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Less reputation points. Think less points and more encouraging to reply.

Just a personal thing. I reply either way. I just think if there was something actively encouraging replies. We would have a smaller gap in replies to views. I also get that some post dont require a reply. For example, maybe someone posted that they need help. We dont need EVERYONE to reply. I guess its more of a personal thing. :thinking:

I’ve created two topics and posted a few topic replies so far. One of those topics had zero replies. The other was pointing out something that I noticed needs to be fixed … that one got replies. Most of my topic replies didn’t get liked or responded to. From my perspective so far, posting here is more for my benefit than those I reply to, in terms of practicing how to understand problems and creating quality replies.

I’ve also noticed that one or two regular members will reply to many topics. This may leave people with a feeling that they should expect replies from only certain people.

One suggestion I would make is to create cohorts. I’ve been thinking about doing this and have seen others do something like it as well (i.e. Looking to pair-program for the last five back-end projects). Setting up cohorts may help people in the cohort feel more connected with one another and may encourage more discussion.


Thas not a good thing I think. Maybe for general threads its ok for no one to post. However its no fun to post a project you worked hard on in feedback section and get lack luster replies.

I actually haven’t done any cohorts yet but looking at the thread you posted, that sounds like a really good way to kind of form a network and tight discussion groups. :+1:

I understand the frustration of not getting feedback, especially when a lot of people view, but I don’t think having reputation points or those incentives will help. People who look at it and don’t reply are the type of individuals who don’t really have a desire to help others. If we added a point system, I don’t think these people would be trying anymore to give honest help, but just pad their own “helper” stats.

We have some users here who have created some popular cohorts, many of us have been in one at one time or another. You can probably see if you can get in one by messaging the creator here.

I would agree that you often get more benefit in learning things, but you can’t completely judge the community just by lack of feedback you receive.

Why is that? First you say that people aren’t replying, and then you criticize regulars for consistently replying?

Yea your probably right about the incentives to help systems. I dont know how it could be done correctly, but a working system would certainly be nice. It just sucks that most of the active users here are lurkers. Its a great community though so im glad that we do have the numbers we have. Just more replies. More discussion. More post. I suppose as FCC grows, its not too crazy to expect a growth in replies as well. I know that people would try to pad there stats but that quickly grows old and they will fall back to lurker territory. However I think that a little nudge would make a lot of people become more active on the forums. Not necessary, the system works as it is. Just a suggestion. :slight_smile:

Not really criticizing regulars but it makes sense. If you notice one person replying to most of the threads in a certain area. There’s a certain expectancy that they’ll reply to yours too.

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I was a lurker for about 3-4 months. In the beginning I did not feel I knew enough to give suggestions. Sometimes, I would start to respond and then see a more experienced regular respond with a well written response, so I felt no need to try. After several more months of studying and reading the replies to various questions, I made it a point to try and step outside my comfort zone to answer questions. When I first started responding, I started with the html and css challenges and then over time I started answering basic algorithm questions. Now, I try to research an answer to most questions even if I do not actually reply. I spend 3-4 hours per day doing this. It has helped me to quickly analyze code and look for errors and or logic issues or just inefficiencies in general. There are a few subject areas where I still have not learned enough to offer. but I am making strides towards learning the material to be able to help others in those areas too. Choose to help others or not. As long as there are members viewing the topics, it does not bother me if there are “many” responses. In fact, I would rather see a couple great responses than one hundred poorly articulated responses which do not help the OP.


Yep thats where I started too. Never thought about it in that light.

Yep. Same. More on the chat side though. I left live chat because people there were a little TOO active.

Quality over quantity is always a good thing.

Yep. Everything you said makes perfect sense… sad story because it debunks my suggestion entirely. I suppose when people need help they will post, and when people are in a giving mood they will reply. Not much you can do to push it forward.

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