Suggestion to swap order of lessons

Hello, I am new to freeCodeCamp and I am loving this resource and aim to be a developer.
I have noticed just now that in that JavaScript lessons, the knowledge in lesson:

’Regular Expressions: Specify Upper and Lower Number of Matches’

is important to completing a prior lesson:

Restrict Possible Usernames
at least, as far as I can tell it is. However the second one appears three or four lessons after the first!

A suggestion would be to change the order. Thanks for the awesome site, I’m going back to learning!

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@QuincyLarson I can confirm that this bad order is still valid in May 2019

@KingofSpace This is not true. This challenge can be solved without using anything learned from the Specify Upper and Lower Number of Matches challenge.

@RandellDawson I was not able to solve it without looking at the Hint where they use {2,} to specify for 2 and more characters. I have tried instead to define it like: [a-z][a-z]+ but it did not work.

Yes, the solution in the Guide does show using "at least" quantity specifiers, but the challenge can be solved using concepts learned in the following challenges (shown below in the order they appear in the curriculum).

It can be solved using knowledge from the following lessons:

@KingofSpace Create a new topic showing the code you have tried and we can help guide you to a solution using only the above.