Suggestions for #100DaysOfCode Projects

I have taken up the #100DaysOfCode Challenge but I don’t know what to do during those 100 days. I need suggestions for Projects to undertake.Please kindly give some suggestions. I have just completed the html & css, Jquery and Bootstrap part of the Front End Development Course on Free code camp. But I have good knowledge of C and Python

Have you completed the whole curriculum? If not, you will find enough projects to fill a 100 days.

You can fill your first 30 days:


No, just the html&css, bootstrap and jquery part of the Front End Development Certification. But I am good at python and C.

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This Reddit post has a ton of great project ideas.


The Front End Curriculum itself would be enough to cover those 100 days if you ask me.

I’m on the Intermediate Front End Projects part of the Front End Certificate and intend to obtain that certificate before the end of the month. That’s all I have planned out right now.