Suggestions for my Portfolio page

Hello friends, I have completed my project “Build a tribute page” and would love if you guyshave a look at it and give me suggestions for improvement.

Here is the link to my page -

Problem: there is an empty space on the right of the page which is visible when you scroll right. I have no idea why that is happening.
Here is the link to codepen

Looks great, good job!


  1. You have some problem with title tag - I see <link rel="...> in a browser. Check it
  2. I suggest you to improve your navigation links. Maybe add more styling(eg brighter hover-effect)
  3. I don’t like Send button - very big icon and relatively small text size

Thank, I will look into it. I noticed the send button and its weird. Actually I have set its font size in viewport units so it resized itself according to the viewport.