Suggestions?I want to build a mobile/web app


I have an idea for a mobile/web app that I would like to make, and I am trying to find out what is the simplest, most efficient and user friendly way to develop and troubleshot this application.

What I want this app to do:

Mobile (Customer) Android/ iPhone Friendly

  1. View Invoices
  2. Take payments - Bank/Recurring (auto on/off options), Credit/Debit Card (immediate rejection if insufficient funds) and Cash.
  3. Receive Notifications ( Payments are due)
  4. Make personal updates

Web (Business)

  1. Record-keeping
  2. Billing and Collections
  3. Send detail payment information to customers minus credits.

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Some of these things will be a lot easier to implement than others, but you’re looking at a full-stack application. The web client would likely be just a user interface that doesn’t do anything by itself except query your server, which would do all of the hard work, including authentication and data storage. You’ll want to use a front-end library for this. React and Angular are popular and good choices. Vue is great (I hear).

The mobile version could be the same thing, or you could roll the server functionality into it as well. If we were a rational society using well-made smartphones, all you would need is a well designed, responsive web client and then it wouldn’t matter if your user was on desktop, tablet, or a phone. But alas, we have apps, and your project is doomed to fail unless you give the public another icon to clutter up their phones with. Using something like React Native, you could build a mobile app using the same code you used for the web client.


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@PortableStick thank you very much for this detailed response. I will use this as reference when I am ready to plan my project, I see how the pieces need to come together on a premature level. :smiley: I’ll keep this in mind as I begin the JavaScript challenges.

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