Suggestions on my "dark mode" portfolio

It’s not done yet, nor is it mobile friendly yet. I’m just looking for some feedback on anything I can do to improve the design. I based the sections on stripe’s layout, but wanted to make a “dark” site.

The text and content is just filler for now. I still need to update projects too.

Any input or design suggestions is greatly appreciated!


EDIT: Updated to reflect the current URL


your site is awesome!!! i love it.

Thank you! I appreciate that.

Hi @Treyon,

I think your portfolio looks nice and clean.

Just one thing… I’ve notice that the content doesn’t display in the middle of the page, but everything is shifted on the right hand side of the screen.



Hey @Trey

Well done! it is really a great design, I love it
I would also animate the SVGs you have in the other sections but it looks really great.

Happy Coding :man_technologist:

That’s a great looking portfolio, love the choice of colors.
One thing I’d like to point out is that the submit button should be closer to the form because right now it looks confusing.

Hmm I’ll check it out. I haven’t really set it up for mobile yet, so maybe that has something to do with it. Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you, I’ll move it up a bit. Do you think those input sections look ok with the angled section in the back like that?

Great idea! Do you mean the large svgs on the side or from the skills section? I don’t have much experience animating svgs, so this will be a good opportunity to learn!

It is absolutely awesome .now mine in point of view is amateur work .did u use bootstrap like that?

Thank you Maria! No I didn’t use bootstrap or any framework. I did use rellax.js for the scroll animations though.

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I meant the ones you added the opacity animation :slight_smile: That looks amazing

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Sorry for the late reply but I just realized that you can enter message in there, I think you should change the placeholder for that input field to just “Your message…” or something because the placeholder text is a bit redundant as you have just about same text below (marked in blue)

You can also probably add some border to this input field to make it more clear.

If you’re talking about the background design then yes it looks great!

That’s a very good point, thank you! I’ll get that updated.

I really love dark mode portfolios!! I made one myself. If you want to, you can use box-shadows to add a glowing effect if you use them the right way.

Great job. Keep up the great work!