Suggestions to Freecodecamp


I just wanted to give FreeCodeCamp a few suggestions- I couldn’t find a direct contact info.

I think it would be great if you can add a code that a user wrote to unlock a challenge onto the pop up window, i.e. “$(”#target1").prop(“disabled”, true);", instead of or in addition to a generic “congratulations” message. It will help the users to get familiar with the language.

I easily forget the code I wrote(because I get so excited to move onto the next challenge!), and the pop up window blocks a big portion of the screen, so I actually have to revisit it again.

Thank you!

If you want to review the code that passed, you could can always click the X in the upper-right of the pop up window. Then you can review your successful code and click the Run tests a second time to actually confirm/save the completed challenge to your profile and continue to the next challenge.

Also, anytime you want to review the code you created to pass a specific challenge, you can simply look at your profile located at and click on the applicable link under the Solution header.

Thanks Randell- I know I can close the pop up window but just thought including the code to it would be more intuitive.

You have a good idea, but as you progress to the more advanced challenges, you will find the code to pass the challenge will many times be 10-20 lines of code which may or may not fit neatly into a pop up window.

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A related feature that I would love to see is a way to download your solution as a file. This would give students a way to organize their solved challenges however they like, view them offline, and might make it easier to start using version control.

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you can copy your code to repl … they now have a download button … which allows you to save your code to your computor.

I can also copy my code to a text editor :laughing:.

I’m not complaining, just mentioning a related enhancement that would address @sweetsourire’s concern but be more generally useful.


Yeah, that would be great :+1: