Sum All Odd Fibonacci Numbers - FCC bug?

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My code passes every test except for “sumFibs(4000000) should return 4613732.”
The confusing thing is that when I test the code on the browser’s console, it gives me the correct number.

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function sumFibs(num) {
  function fibonacci (item) {
    if (item <= 1) {
      return 1;
    } else {
      return fibonacci(item - 1) + fibonacci(item - 2);
  var odds = [];
  var i = 0;
  while (fibonacci(i) <= num) {
    if (fibonacci(i) % 2 === 1) {
  return odds.reduce((acc,val) => acc + val);


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Usually, if the big numbers fail the FCC test but generates the correct answer elsewhere (as your does) it’s because your algorithm isn’t efficient enough. The challenge has a timeout set and it your code takes too long, it exits early. Look for ways to make your algorithm more efficient.

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I didn’t consider about the efficiency. Thank you!