Sum all odd fibonacci numbers: I sometimes get the correct answer?


  • sumFibs(10) gets the correct answer (10) with my code

  • sumFibs(4) gets the correct answer (5) with my code.

I don’t get the correct answers for other numbers? Please can someone advise.

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function sumFibs(num) {
let arr = [1,1]
let res = 0;
let oddTotal = 2;

 for(let total = 0; total <= num; total += oddTotal){
  let old = arr[arr.length - 2];
  let newer = arr[arr.length - 1];
res = old + newer;
if (res % 2){
    oddTotal += res;
 return oddTotal;

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Challenge: Sum All Odd Fibonacci Numbers

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I think you’re just getting those right answers by accident.

// 10 

That is clearly wrong. I think your loop logic is off. I’m not sure I would use a for loop here. I would want one of the other two loops. I’m not saying for is impossible, it just isn’t as obvious to me. I also don’t understand why you are storing you numbers in an array. You should be able to progress through a fib series with two variables.

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Yeah, I agree that a for loop isn’t quite a good fit here.

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