Sum All Primes (i variable doesn't seem to increase)

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Hello, everyone! This is my first post here for help because I always try to research a lot to find my answer but for this one I’m stuck.

You can see my code below. (Ignore that I’m printing to the console rather than returning the statement… I did that just so I can see what’s going on better.)

The part that I’m really stuck on is why it seems the i variable in my loop keeps getting stuck at 2 and not increasing to check the other factors. Any help, hints, anything at all would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

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function sumPrimes(num) {
  let arr = [];
  var i;
  for (let i = 2; i <= num; i++){
  console.log(arr.filter(x => {for (i = 2; i <= x; i++){
    if (x % i == 0 && x != i){
      return false
    else {return true};
  ).reduce((accumulator, currentValue) => {return accumulator + currentValue}))

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your if statement has 2 returns in it and the return kills the for loop immediately.

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Thanks a lot! I’ve got it working now thanks to your little nudge. :smiley: Much appreciated!!

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