Sum of invoice series (a1 ,an ,n )

Hi, need some help with home work i have.
need to wright a code of a function that sum of invoice series
def SumIN(a1 ,an ,n )
the demands are : if n=0 ,print that the sum is 0
and if n=1, print that the sum is 1
and else, print 𝑛(π‘Ž1+π‘Žπ‘›)/2 .

a1 - first number
an - last numer
n - the number of the series

that what i did so far :

def question1(a1, an, n):
    for i in range(a1,n+1):
        if n == 0:
            print('the sum is 0')
            if n == 1:
                print('the sum is', a1)
            print("The sum is :" ,n*(a1+an)/2)

It gives me an error onto this line
for i in range(a1, n+1):
The argument may be an int eger or a floating point number.
If u have n+1 in your argument the code will fail

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indentation is really important in python, the second if statement is reached only if the first one is executed (you have put the second if statement inside the first)

I also suggest you take a look at elif statements

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